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Museums, Art & Cultural Centers


Cultural centers

  • La Fabrique Culturelle
Dance classes - Movie projections - Live concerts
Address: Cocody Deux Plateaux Casa, behind Polyclinique, near Macaci.
Museums, Art
  • Cocody Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art

The Cocody Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art features a permanent exhibition of modern, contemporary work by Ivorian and African artists. The museum was started in November 1993 due to the initiative of City Council of Cocody. The museum’s collection includes 150 paintings, 40 sculptures, 15 ceramics and 11 tapestries and 216 books.

Address: Abidjan

  • The Museum of Côte d’Ivoire

If you want to know more about Abidjan’s history and culture, then the best place to visit is The Museum of Côte d’Ivoire. The human and animal statuettes made from terracotta are extremely beautiful. There are also a number of wooden masks, Ivorian musical instruments and pottery items with the total collection adding to nearly 20,000 pieces.

Address: Corner boulevard Nangui Abrogoua - Plateau

Tel: +225 22 22 20 56

  • Le Centre Artisanal de la Ville d'Abidjan (CAVA)

At La CAVA, you will find batiks, paintings of Korhogo, loincloths, bronzes, jewelry and naive paintings. These pieces come from Ghana, Mali and Nigeria... Each vendor has its specialty.

Address: Not far from Solibra Roundabout, Between boulevard VGE and rue Clément-Ader

  • La Maison des Artistes

La maison des artistes in Grand Bassam is an association of African artists with a gallery and workshop, located in an old colonial house in the heart of the city of Grand Bassam.

Address: Quartier France - Grand-Bassam

Tel: +225 06 22 68 04 / +225 07 73 45 04

  • Bin kadi so (museum, art & theatre)

Address: 28 rue des Hortensia, Cocody Ambassades



Tel: +225 07 25 06 01 / +225 22 44 38 50  (by appointment) except Sunday.

-Art theatre: Binkadi-théâtre

-Museum of contemporary art: Binkadiso

-An annual event: ARKADI (a multi artistic concept)