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Driving Licence, Informations & Schools

If you are planning to live in Côte d’Ivoire, you might consider purchasing your own car as it is the most convenient and practical way to get around Abidjan.  It is also possible to hire a driver for your car on a full time or part time basis.


Upon arrival, it is possible to rent a car at the airport, although initially it may be challenging to drive in Abidjan given that traffic rules are seldom respected by other drivers.  It is therefore recommended to start by taking a taxi or hire a vehicle with a driver.  Daily rates range between 20 000 FCFA - 100 000 FCFA depending on the company and on the car category.


Driving in Côte d’Ivoire is on the right hand side of the road with many round-abouts and one way streets.  Given the high accident rate, it is advisable to drive defensively at all times and avoid distractions in the car.  


Visitors can temporarily use a foreign international driver’s licence for 3 months after arriving in Côte d’Ivoire.  It is required to have a third party insurance in order to drive.


To exchange your foreign driving licence for an Ivorian one, you need the following:

  1. Your ID/Passport along with a clear photocopy
  2. Your driving licence along with a clear photocopy
  3. A certificate of authenticity of your foreign licence.  This can be obtained by the embassy of the issuing country of your licence.
  4. Take the certificate of authenticity to the "Direction Générale des Transports Terrestres et de la Circulation" for validation (Address: Plateau - TOUR C - 3rd floor - Offices number 20 et 24.) This will cost you around 25 000 CFA
  5. Take your IDs & copies + foreign licence + the certificate of authenticity (from the issuing country) + the letter of validation (from the Direction Générale des Transports Terrestres et de la Circulation) to the SONATT (Société Nationale des Transports Terrestre), the government body in charge of transport matters for a final approval.  (Address: SONATT: SGS building in Treichville Tel: +225 This will cost you around 20 000 FCFA.

After these steps, you can finally go to STARTEN Technologie in Abidjan to apply for the Ivorian driving licence.  This will cost about 40 000 FCFA.

Starten: Boulevard Latrille after Sococe shopping center in Cocody Or in Plateau, opposite ONUCI (ex-Hotel Sebroko) 

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8h to 16:30


Please note that if your driving test was first taken wearing glasses, you will have to wear them for the picture and an eye test will be done. 



If you are planning to drive in Abidjan, you may want to take a few lessons to learn about the rules of the road and get comfortable before you begin.  Here are a few driving schools from around the city:


  • Centre d'Education Routière de Côte d'Ivoire (CERCI)  

Address: Cocody Riviera Les Jardins near Pharmacy les Elias

Tel : +225 22 43 44 00

Facebook: CERCI officiel




Address : Treichville Avenue 21 Rue 38 opposite Church ’’ Notre Dame’’

Tel: +225 21 24 31 78 / +225 07 18 40 98 / +225 40 15 30 67



Address: Cocody Deux Plateaux Crossroad ’’les Oscars’’ Cité des belles Fleurs

Tel: +225 22 52 50 56 / +225 59 25 69 96

Facebook: Emile Inris Formations



Address: Plateau Rue du Commerce Building Nassar, 3th Floor, Door B39

Tel : +225 20 32 23 02

Facebook: Prestige AUTO ECOLE


Address: Marcory opposite Church ‘’Sainte Thérèse’’

Tel: +225 21 26 94 89 / +225 07 71 90 70


Address: Cocody Angré, behind Citydia

Tel : +225 02 91 00 52 /+225 08 38 84 23


Address: Cocody Deux plateaux Les Perles Behind the former Embassy of china Building SRK

Tel : +225 22 01 04 25 / +225 01 02 73 15

Facebook: Rigueur Auto Ecole CI


Address: Cocody Plateau Dokui CIE

Tel: +225 24 39 24 80 / +225 05 40 49 03 / +225 47 14 25 90