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Abidjan and Surroundings

  • Abidjan Zoo

During the war, some 40 animals died, among them 6 lions.

One of the lucky survivors was Can, an elephant named after the french acronym for the african cup of nations because she was born in 1992, the year Côte d'Ivoire won its first CAN Trophy.
A hippo, monkeys and snakes also survived thanks to the zoo dedicated keepers.
Eating rotten bread, two hyenas also survived but lions starved to death.
In the process of rehabilitating the National Zoo, the government of cote d'ivoire has recently acquired 3 new lions from South Africa for about 50 million CFA. Lions cages stood empty for nearly 5 years and the 3 new lions are bringing some hope...

Repopulating the Zoo is a symbol of recovery.

After being abandoned for many years during the war, the Abidjan Zoo has been renovated and many new animals are being brought in.

Situated on the Abobo-Williamsville's road in Cocody.

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Municipality: Abidjan

Activities: Nature, Leisure

Tel: +225 47 28 84 03

Facebook page: Zoo National Abidjan

Map: Zoo d'Abidjan

  • Banco National Park (Parc National du Banco)

The Banco forest is found on the right-hand side of the highway to Yamoussoukro as you leave Abidjan. It actual location is on the outskirts of the downtown area. Access is through the old Dabou road. 

The park has a footpath which when followed leads to magnificent trees, many of which are rare species which have disappeared elsewhere in the country. The serenity in this park causes you to forget the bustling city nearby. 

The name Banco refers to the stream which springs from within the forest and is revered by the Ebrié people, who are the original inhabitants of Abidjan.

Activities: Nature

Map: Banco National Park