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Abidjan has a reputation for its vibrant nightlife, it is considered to be the liveliest on the continent. There are many nightclubs; bars and what are called maquis’ to discover all over the city. 

It is worth mentioning that smoking in public areas has been officially forbidden since 2012 but its only recently that regular checks in bars and restaurants are being done and if charged, both the smoker and the establishment are liable to pay a fine that can amount up to 100 000 FCFA.



Rue des Princes in the Yopougon neighbourhood of Abidjan, is today the new Rue Princesse, which was an infamous street filled with nightclubs. Today Rue des Princes is the place to be at night in Yopougon with its multitude of bars and famous maquis such as Le Monde Arabe, le Vélodrome and the Zénith de Baby.


Historically the maquis started off as being clandestine restaurants where locals could enjoy some food and drinks. Today the maquis has been modernized into official and sometimes luxurious nightclubs, often with open air spaces for concerts and live music. The Yopougon neighborhood is host to some of the most famous of maquis. As is the case in many other African cities, which have taken after the Ivorian example, the maquis is where most local artists, singers and musicians make a name for themselves.  

Below we have listed some of the numerous nightclubs, bars and maquis that you will find in Abidjan.


Ivory Blue Cafe

Type: Coffee shop

Area: Plateau Building Kharrat (Air France) - Avenue Botreau Roussel opposite Smalto

Tel: +225 20 31 10 09

Facebook: Ivory Blue Cafe


Jaguar Bar

Type : Bar

Area:  Treichville

Tel: +225 47 02 37 71

Facebook: Jaguar Piano Bar

Jamaica City

Type : Bar                                        

Area: Marcory Zone 4 - Opposite Prima Center

Schedule: Thursday-Sunday: 17:00-05:00

Tel: +225 07 56 73 44

L'adresse Abidjan

La Bodeguita

Type: Tapas - Sangria - Night Club

Area: Marcory Zone 4 - Rue Paul Langevin

Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday: 19:00-02:00

Tel: +225 21 24 72 34 / +225 48 83 36 08

Facebook: La Bodeguita

La Java Disco

Type : Nightclub

Area: Plateau - Rue du Commerce

La Planta

Type: Restaurant - Bar - Snooker table

Area: Marcory - Boulevard de Marseille
Tel : +225 56 29 87 49

Schedule : Monday- Sunday : 17:00 - 04:00

Facebook: La Planta



La Renaissance Bar

Type: Bar - Nightclub

Area: Koumassi Remblais - Opposite Clinique Liring

Tel: +225 48 48 01 89 / +225 01 07 03 74

Opening schedule: Every day: 16:00 to dawn

Le Bar Blanc

Type: Snack - Bar

Area: Rue du 7 Décembre - Zone 4
Schedule: Every day from 18:00

Tel : +225 21 35 09 82

Le Barpi

Type: Nightclub - Bar - Lounge

Area : Street Pierre & Marie Curie zone 4

Tel: +225 49 55 86 40 / +225 21 35 76 21

Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday: 19:00-05:00

Facebook: Barpi