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International Schools in English

There are not many schools in English in Abidjan although a few French schools are starting bilingual programs.

Below we have put together a list of the schools currently teaching in English:

  • Enko Education

Enko Education is dedicated to delivering an international curriculum recognized worldwide. It offers the International Baccalaureat Diploma Program and gives an opportunity to ambitious students entering high school to prepare for admission in the best universities in the world.

In Cote d'Ivoire, there are 2 Enko Schools (program in both French & English).

Please find the details below:

Enko Riviera International School

High School

Address: Cocody 3 Riviera-Near Lycee Francais Blaise Pascal
P.O. Box 784728, Rivera 3

Tel: +225 87 14 14 92 / +225 02 20 27 56



Enko John Wesley International School

High School

Address: Cocody Angré-Near Cite GESTOCI

P.O. 08 BP 840, Abidjan 08

Tel: +225 87 24 24 16 / +225  02 20 27 55


  • Groupe Scolaire Les Papillons

Nursery - Primary school

GS Le Papillons offers a bilingual curriculum (French – English) in some classes.

From Nursery to CM2, the program is taught equally in French and in English. Students have two teachers and thus explore more linguistic and cultural diversity.

A bilingual class, offer your child the opportunity to integrate into international institutions that offer International Baccalaureate programs. Admission to French schools will be subject to entry tests.

The school takes into account all learning profiles and their educational approach incorporates the best of the Ivorian system with a deeper knowledge based on the success of the French system. Utilising the influence of active teaching for the acquisition of fundamental knowledge; granting personalized support for students of all abilities.

Address: Deux Plateaux 7ème Tranche - Rue L139 (L40 on Google Map) 

Tel: +225 22 42 50 51 / +225 08 45 10 37


  • International Community School of Abidjan (ICSA )

Nursery - Primary - High school

ICSA offers an American based curriculum using the America Reaches Out (AERO) standards that have been modified to meet the needs of an international student population.

The school also offers instruction in French-as-a-foreign-language, given that this is a requirement for all students in grades 1-12. ICSA has an  English Language Support program (ELS) which is offered to non-English speakers until they attain an academically functional level of proficiency in English.

Address: Riviera 3-boulevard Arsene Usher Assouan

Tel: +225 22 47 11 52 / +225 55 41 20 55