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    Visiting, relocating and staying in a new country can be real fun especially if you are adventurous, and out going. However, if your are a visiting, staying or relocating English-speaking person in a new country whose language you are not familiar with, you are  bound to face a lot of challenges on how to get your way around in your daily life. In this case, you will need all the information and help you can can get. With all these challenges, as an English-speaking person in Abidjan, I had to look for how to get my way around Abidjan with no hustle. While browsing the internet, I landed on a very useful and informative website called where all you need-to-know about Abidjan is packaged in a one-stop online guide with information for the English-speaking community. Abidjan4you is helpful for any English-speaking person staying, visiting or newly relocating in Abidjan.


   This website provides you with a conveniently sorted sections of services, businesses, information and news on what you need or need-to-know ranging from Relocating and settling to Tourism and Culture. For instance, if you relocate with your family and have children you would like to enroll into schools but dont know where to start, all you have to do is visit the Education and Training section at: where you will be availed with a list of different international schools. The list of schools provides you with information on English international, French international and bilingual schools in Abidjan with all their locations and contact details. This section also gives you information on Other-Classes which includes a list of; driving schools, language schools and tutors in Abidjan:


    Therefore, by using, as an English-speaking person, you will make your visit , stay or relocation in Abidjan adventurous and easy, you will have this interesting French-speaking city at your fingertips. The use of this website will help you save time and fuel since you will be knowing where to get what you want or need. You can access Abidjan4You on any internet supported device and also follow the Facebook page on Abidjan4you where the English-speaking community is provided with regular updates and information on what is new in Abidjan.


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    Relocating and settling in a Abidjan can be both exciting and challenging. Questions on how to easily cope with life will occupy your mind especially when you have moved with your children. Depending on where you are relocating from, you may need to make some adjustments in order to enjoy what Abidjan city has to offer.

Abidjan4you, on their Relocation and Settling section, provides you with the need-to-know information that can be of help to any English-speaking person relocating, settling or visiting Abidjan city. When relocating/settling, there are a lot of things one needs to know and consider. For instance, in this section you will find a helpful guide on; Moving and traveling, Transport, internet and other utilities, and also, a list of Embassies and international organizations with their location and contact.


    When you click on , a list of the following will pop up; Airport and flight information, customs regulations, forwarding agents, relocation agencies, vaccinations, visas among others. Therefore, being an English speaking person should not discourage anyone from settling in Abidjan, as all the information one needs about this city in packed in a one hstop online guide;


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