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Christian services in Abidjan


The saint Paul's cathedral was designed by the architect Aldo Spirito and inaugurated by Pope John Paul II in 1985 and it is one of the main religious building in Abidjan.



There are a number of religious services held not only in English, but also in other languages. 


Below we have a non-exhaustive list of churches that offer services in languages other than French. As we become aware of more services, we’ll add them. 

You can also drop us a line, if you’d like your church to be included. 


The Seventh-day Adventist Church 

West-Central Africa Division (WAD)
Location : Bethel Temple, Cocody  Ambassade, Rue du Bélier, near the French Ambassador’s Residence. 
Tel: ​+225 22 44 00 97 \ +225 48 47 77 97 \ +225 57044930

Prayer Schedule: Wednesday: 19:00-20:00 ​​/ Friday: 18:30-19:30
Worship Schedule: Saturday: 8:45-12:00 (French - English)

Catholic services in English

  • Sanctuaire Marial d'abidjan (Notre Dame d'Afrique)

Location: Adjamé Cité Fairmont not far from Pharmacy Agban

Tel: +225 20 37 16 68 / +225 07 26 02 02 / +225 49 50 49 72

  • Procure des Missions Catholiques d'Abidjan

Location: Adjamé Saint Michel behind GSPM


  • Adjamé Assembly, the first Assemblies of God church in Abidjan

4,000 members and has helped launch 45 thriving Abidjan churches.
Yopougon Assembly near Abidjan began through a tent crusade in 1988. Today, 3,000 Ivorien believers worship in a three-story building. It has started a dozen daughter churches, and more are planned.
Assemblies of God heaquarters in Abidjan:
Address: Rue Alexandre Fleming (Marcory Zone 4c)



  • Eglise Pentecôtiste Internationale de Côte d’Ivoire

Head office: Marcory Boulevard de Brazaville
Tel: +225 21 26 18 76


Facebook: Eglise Pentecotiste Internationale de Cote d'Ivoire

Protestants services in English

  • International Protestant Church of Abidjan (IPCA)

It’s a church (English speaking Congregation) which was established since 1966.

Mission Statement of Purpose and Mission

The Mission of IPCA is to glorify God by worshiping Him in Spirit and in truth, equipping the saints to serve Him, inviting the non-Christians to believe in Him, and caring for one another without partiality.

Time of Service: Sunday 07:30