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Adeal Patisserie Abidjanaise

Localization: Marcory, Zone 4, 12 Rue du chevalier Clieu

Tel: (+225) 21 35 53 40 | 21 35 42 18 | 21 25 42 73

Fax: (+225) 21 35 54 71

American Sandwich

Localization: Marcory, Zone 4c, Rue du 7 Décembre

Tel: +225 03 90 09 00

Athletic Club

    Sports Center :

    Description:Tennis, swimming pool, synthetic grass football field,

    martial arts, dance classes and a restaurant,football, fitness,

    swimming, judo, taekwondo...

    Cinema Theatres

    We have listed below the main cinema theatres in Abidjan: 


    Majestic One has 3 cinemas in Abidjan. Movies are shown mainly in French but American movies are also shown in the original version (English) on Mondays and Tuesdays at Majestic Prima and Wednesdays and Thursdays at Majestic Ivoire.

    Club House Le Vallon

    Description: Restaurant, Sports, leisure,Tennis, Swimming, Aqua-gym...

    Address: Cocody Deux Plateaux Vallon-Rue des jardins

    Tel: +225 22 41 56 06

    Facebook: Club House le Vallon

    Crocodile Dipi

    Address: Assinie PK 9

    Tel: +225 09 84 48 15 / +225 44 19 03 03


    Facebook: Dipi Parc Zoologique

    Opening schedule: Every day 09:00-18:00


    Doraville is a place that kids love. It has a swimming pool, playgrounds and many more activities.

    We definitely need to mention their new cinema in 5D!
    Address: Riviera bonoumin-Road of attoban

    Tel: +225 55 88 80 82 / +225 41 16 89 98 / +255 22 47 14 05

    Game center PlaYce

    Address: PlaYce marcory

    Boulevard Valerie Giscard d'Estaing (VGE)

    Tel: +225 22 44 18 54

    Facebook: PlaYce Marcory



    Localization: Plateau, 25 av. Chardy

    Tel: (+225) 20 22 23 44


    Ice Cream Parlors


    Ice Cream Parlors

    Abidjan gets hot and humid; a good way to cool down is to have some ice cream, smoothie, milk shake or ice tea in a relaxing atmosphere. Below is a list of cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlors your kids will enjoy hanging out with friends.

    • Le Glacier by Des Gâteaux et du Pain

    Ice Cream Parlor

    Address: Deux Plateaux Rue des jardins


    Abidjan Karting invites you to try its 1,100 meters length and 7 meters width karting track.

    If you love go-karts you will probably like to try Abidjan Karting. They offer day and evening

    karting sessions at unbeatable prices. A session of 10 minutes is fixed at 5 000 FCFA,

    insurance as well as equipment, clothing and accessories included. They also offer evening

    sessions and discount prices for groups composed of a minimum of eight people.

    The group session of 30 minutes is fixed at 20 000 FCFA you look forward for a fun and

    Les Ribambelles

    Description: Les Ribambelles is an on-site day care center located in in Biétry, Zone 4. The center welcomes children aged 12 months+. Children 3+, can participate in an array of activities including gymnastics, trampoline, dance, martial arts, guitar, piano, flute and djembe. The center opens from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm and can welcome up to 50 children per day. Tuition is 5000 FCFA per day. For more information, contact the day care center directly. 

    Tel: +225 21 34 55 22 / +225 08 38 45 68

    Paradise Game

    Looking for something special to add to your children's birthday party?Here is the perfect idea to make it fun and cool! 

    Rent out a complete video game set for an afternoon. They bring to your house the latest consoles and games (Just Dance, Fifa, Gran Turismo, etc.), as well as the Virtual reality helmets.

    Tel: +225 54 00 27 27 / +225 54 00 56 56 / +225 07 90 80 80

    Facebook: Paradise Game